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Creating a conscious and sustainable wallpaper brand

When creating our new wallpaper brand, sustainability and creating a conscious product are incredibly important to us. Without even realising our interior design choices have a tremendous impact on the environment.

We are passionate about sustainability and we have considered carefully the materials, processes and products we will use. We have also observed other industries and we are learning from their mistakes…

When Cheryl says ‘I work in fashion, darling’ it used to come with sparkles and glamour but the fashion industry is one of the MAJOR contributors of greenhouse gases and additions to land-fill.  

I am afraid the glamour and sparkles no longer shine under the shadow cast by the very serious statistics created by fast-fashion. Ready for this?....prepare yourself!

The stats

-In the world 80 billion (yes you read that correctly) new pieces of clothing are consumed every year

-235 million pieces of clothing a year are sent to land fill

-1.2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions are created

It is quite simply shocking. So what have we, who are setting up a new wallpaper brand, learned from this? Well….it appears that one of the biggest issues with fashion is ‘throw away fashion’ and ‘disposable clothing’. We’ve probably all done it at some point. Even if you are not someone who chucks something out as it is ‘la bit last season’, chances are you have bought something thinking ‘well it is only £3 it does not matter if I never wear it.’ 

But with these looming statistics and the UK announcing a ‘Climate Emergency’ it is no longer okay. We no longer have the privilege to think if we ‘throw away’ that it magically will ‘go away’. It just adds to the 235 million items of clothing thrown away every year.

You might be wondering what all of this has to do with wallpaper but there are important lessons to be learned here. Being an eco brand is not just about creating an eco product with eco processes. An eco brand needs to encourage and inspire the new wave of conscious consumers  and we need to start changing our mind-sets away from the disposable, throw-away mentality to one of respect and the desirable pursuit of flexibility and longevity in our choices.

And we are a conscious brand who listen, learn and who passionately and genuinely care. We are not just providing sustainable products and processes; we are planting a tree for every roll of wallpaper we sell through the amazing project TREESPONSIBILITY . We're proud to be a northern brand with Manchester's rich textile history so we plant our trees locally in the Calder Valley, we're offsetting carbon locally! We are also creating wallpapers that are quality, that are timeless, that are a piece of history, a piece of art, a statement, a story, a life-style.

Treasures that are a backdrop to your life and beautiful interior landscapes that last forever.

Our on-line store launches on July the 4th and our big launch is in the Old Trumans Brewery, Shoreditch at LONDON DESIGN FAIR on the 23rd of September 2019.   

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