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botanical tattoos

Let's start the tattoo tale at the very beginning, the earliest tribal tattoos evolved into the traditional sailors tattoo's that we know and love. Used to distinguish the ship that the sailor belonged to, anchors and mermaids have now become iconic in a vintage way.

More recently botanical tattoo's have become popular. More and more artists are inspired by nature, using delicate ink work and soft colour. Whether feminine like Pi Sara from Russia, Silo from South Korea or tonal and inky like Diana Lin.

Here are a few of my faves.

Tattoos & images: Silo_tatto

Photo credit: Pi Sara

I myself have a botanical tattoo, pictured below. There's a theory in my world that if anything stands still long enough it gets decorated, that goes for me too. At the age of 45, I was actually worried about telling my mother (she went crazy when I got my first tattoo at 18!). She loved it of course. These are definitely tattoo's that even your mother would approve of.

This is by Diana Lin, I love the geo/cross stitch/floral mash up, so creative.

This features on my Urban Naturalist Pinterest board, let nature be in every area of your life.

A very talented artist I know attempted to become a tattoo artist and said it was so tricky to work on skin! Let's celebrate this art form in all it's diversity and pure creativity, may it continue to evolve.

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