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Sometimes we may feel like a tiny cog in a massive wheel but there are a few simple things we can all do to really make a difference here…seriously it is a simple shift and one we are committed to encouraging.

1. Marie Kondo has revolutionised the house clearing process with the simple question ‘do I love it?’ Transfer this question over to your buying process and look at each item and say ‘do I love it?’

2. Look for quality, time-less, beautiful, out-standing products. Will I love it next year? Ask yourself 'do I want to fill my life with cheap soulless items, or those with soul value that make me feel good?' Items that have a story and a life of their own.

3. Look for companies that have a good ethos, that do the work for you. Look for companies you want to support. Think of your buying power as a vote, invest your purchases in companies that genuinely care, artisans and people that love their goods and wares with a passion and don’t just love your bank account.

These simple acts are revolutionary. You can fill your life with quality, beautiful, soulful goods made by people who love the item as much as you do.

And this is what we mean by being a conscious brand. We are not just providing sustainable products and processes; we are planting a tree for every roll of wallpaper we sell through the amazing project TREESPONSIBILITY, we are also creating wallpapers that are quality, that are timeless, that are a piece of history, a piece of art, a statement, a story, a life-style. Treasures that are a backdrop to your life and beautiful landscapes that last forever and become part of your 'interiors personality'

Our on-line store launches on July the 4th and our big launch is in the Old Trumans Brewery, Shoreditch at LONDON DESIGN FAIR on the 23rd of September 2019.

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