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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

At Print Pattern archive we passionately support tree plantation campaigning. Planting forests and woodlands is critical, now even more so, as the government drastically fails to meet government targets.

Our forests and woodlands provide habitats for wild-life, reduces flood risks, mitigates climate change and supplies us with clean water and air. Globally forests provide 13 million people jobs, contributing to the economy. A third of the world’s population depends on forests and trees for cooking, heating and daily needs.

We should be concerned and as an organisation we’re determined to make a difference even being a small business, we plan to help in anyway we can to support the environment for future generations.

Our wallpaper is FSC certified, playing a big part in helping protect the planet, using trees that are replaced after they are harvested, so they can regenerate naturally. FSC makes sure forest owners use local people to carry out the work, providing health and safety, fair wages and training.


Tree-planting in England has fallen 71% short of government target. New figures show 1,420 hectares were planted in year to March 2019 against target of 5,000.  The Committee on Climate Change says 1.5bn trees need to be planted by 2050 for the UK to achieve its net-zero carbon target.


Over a 25-year period there are plans to see 62,000 acres of woodland, created over an 120 mile area, preventing 190,000 homes from flooding. The trees will be planted before 2050, generating £2 billion for the economy through tourism, generating jobs and boosting tourism.


We should all be aware of the seriousness of the situation and do our upmost to raise awareness, share the story and donate anytime we can to plant trees. We contacted a small organisation, who make a big difference, Treesponsibility. 

For every roll of wallpaper we sell we plant a tree!

Since it’s formation in 1998 Treesponsibiliy has planted an average of 5 hectares a year, 12 acres of new woodland a year. The organisation has been supported by all walks of life, including local volunteers and landowners, schools from Calderdale and beyond.

We have committed to donate a percentage of our wallpaper sales to Treesponsibility, to make a difference. We are also looking forward to our first Print Pattern Archive tree-planting weekend in the next tree planting season from October!

If you too would like to support Treesponsibility, they’re always seeking new volunteers to help them achieve their targets and, or join tree planting weekends, contact

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