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Print Pattern Archive’s home: the importance of working in a historic and creative environment.

We are fortunately based in a rare cotton mill, integral to the industrial revolution, and a monument of historic reference. 

Surrounded by red-brick, wrought iron, if you close your eyes you can visualise workers spinning yarn, the deafening noise, the air thick with cotton dust. Everyday we are surrounded by memories from the production of cotton.

Now nearly 200 years later the Mill still stands, containing an ever-evolving community of makers and creators. On a sunny day we sit in our courtyard, surrounded by plants, house-martins nesting, chatting to individuals running inspiring independent businesses. It is often sitting in our courtyard when conversations and collaborations organically happen.

There was an immediate connection with Islington Mill when Cheryl visited; the perfect space to house the Print Pattern Archive. Our wallpaper and fabric samples date back to the 1800’s, the building back to 1823. The collection of print and patterns reflects stories over many generations, periods of time. Stories that if we’d told the workers here at the Mill in the 1800’s they wouldn’t believe, that the industrial revolution would collapse and production of wallpaper and fabric would move over-seas for many, many years to come.

What would they think knowing that there are only 45% of these beautiful buildings left standing in the North West, as they’ve been torn-down, destroyed, developed into residential flats. That the textiles industry to date only employees over 11,000 people, it is set to rise though, to about 400 jobs a year over the next decade. This would be inconceivable to them.

This is our community, where the Print Pattern Archive calls home. And where our beautiful wallpapers are designed….

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