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The Print Pattern Archive was originally collected by Marlene Goldstein and housed in the thriving fashion district of New York, West 37th Street. The archive contains over 30 years of love and passion for print and pattern, with samples and fabrics sourced from auctions, flea-markets and even unprompted donations.

An exceptional and extremely rare private collection of over 50,000 antique fabrics and wallpapers, Marlene’s love was more than a hobby, a collector’s treasure trove containing wallpaper books and fabrics from the mid 18th century to the 1980s.

In 1997, talented young designer Cheryl was fortunate enough to gain employment with Marlene in New York. It was a dream. Working in the New York City garment district everyday was like working in a film-set. For a young, eager 23 year old, it sparked passion, determination and the beginnings of a life long love of vintage.

At the time Marlene had unfortunately experienced a personal tragedy, Cheryl supported the business and Marlene as much as she could over this period. She worked setting up the New York design studio providing inspiration to New York top brands such as Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen and Victoria's Secret. 

Marlene never forgot Cheryl’s support….

Twenty years later, in an unexpected turn, Marlene contacted Cheryl and asked her if she would like to take over and house the Print Pattern Archive in England. Much to Cheryl's surprise, Marlene gifted Cheryl the Print Pattern archive as a thank you for all of her work and drive back in 1998. Marlene knew that only Cheryl loved and understood the Print Pattern Archive as she had and wanted Cheryl to have the archive and breathe new life into it.  

So in the height of the Summer June 2012 Cheryl jumped on the earliest fight and went to the lock-up ….where the archive had been stored for 6 years. A very physically demanding month was ahead during a freak heatwave of 40C. Shipping the archive back and unpacking, which seemed to take forever. She uncovered hidden gem, after hidden gem made it far less gruelling and unbelievably, the vast majority of the archive was intact.

''I was delighted by this gift of an opportunity and to be back with the Print Pattern Archive I loved so much' Cheryl 

Cheryl has risen to eminence in her industry and to become one of the top designers in the world.  Her unrivalled eye for design, style and her unique, exquisite private collection has been sought after by Alexander McQueen, Vivenne Westwood and her designs are worn by the royals; Duchess of York and The Countess of Wessex.

Manchester Evening News Business Magazine, May 2019

So now ahead is a new beginning of the archive, expanding into wallpapers and interiors, it’s time to release the beautiful secrets within the archive out to the world for everyone to enjoy.

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