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Mad about the Mid-century: My home, Six worDS

It is literally buzzing in the studio with MID-CENTURY excitement. We really are all about the MID-CENTURY at the moment, whilst the final touches are being added to our absolutely stunning first wallpaper range the (drum roll please)….MID-CENTURY RANGE.

Being a bit of a culture vulture and also being fascinated by heritage, I got a little bit obsessed with Ernest Hemingway today who of course was a great writer of the mid-century. I was regaling the tale in the studio today (to all who would listen) of Hemingway and his ten-dollar challenge to write a short story in six words, which of course he won with the famous six words:

'For sale: baby shoes. Never worn."

Inspired by Hemingway’s challenge and our recent fascinating discussions of what makes a really beautiful home I came up with a comparable challenge for everyone today

‘My home, six words’.

We are not quite wordsmiths like Hemingway and ours do not really tell quite such a rich emotive story as Hemingway, but I thought it would be a fun way of introducing all of us who work in the studio at Print Pattern Archive.


Let’s start with the Director Cheryl, Print-designer extraordinaire, the boss, interior designer and style loving, print ninja. Chery is obsessed with print and before giving me her six words she literally heard the mutter of the word Hemingway and rushed into the archive and excitedly presented us a beautiful bark cloth that she is in love with, that is ‘very Hemingway’.She is so very passionate about print! She is so inspiring! In fact, she has placed this cloth for a future collection and a wallpaper called ‘Hemingway’ will be coming soon! Cheryl’s words are…

My home, six words: ‘tactile, calming, serene, natural, print, narrative’


Next was Lucy, the Associate Director and head of the bespoke wallpaper and fabric service we provide. Lucy is passionate about heritage and a well-loved socialite and is busy with social media, website design, blogging, contacts. It is no wonder that her words reflect indulgent relaxation after a busy work day! Lucy has recently bought a lovely home and her words are….

My home, six words: Oasis, Serene, Mid-Century, Print, Plants! 


Nina is our talented print designer who loves colour, print, designing and inputting with her keen eye into the collections. Nina comes with Betty the very cute studio schnauzer poo, that you sometimes might hear yapping in the videos. Nina also loves a social home and has recently had a gorgeous extension to her own family home complete with party kitchen

My home, six words: sociable, relaxing, calm, space, colour, eclectic

Betty the studio dog

Betty is the ultimate boss deciding who is welcome in the studio, she munches on sausages and likes a cosy, warm, attention-grabbing home

My home, six words: sausages, attention please, stroke me now!!!


Then there is me, I am actually a psychologist and lecturer and full-time swot. I love the history of the archive and the stories of all the prints. At Print Pattern Archive I manage projects and timelines and bribe everyone with doughnuts. My words reflect my talent for having a quick nap in between all my business

My home, six words: ‘Inspiring sumptuous soulful joy, goodnight all’ x

I’ve asked everyone to continue My home, six wordson Facebook and Instagram. We would love to hear your offerings. We are a growing brand and as our vision is to inspire the creators of the beautiful homes of tomorrow….and yes we believe that is you. We would love to hear what makes your home beautiful. In six words of course…..

Before signing off for today one more thing about Hemmingway which really resonated with me and our new business. This was ‘The Hemmingway Code’. Many of Hemmingway’s heroes search for a code that give their lives meaning. The code is a set of principles that one must conduct oneself with honour, courage, endurance, and dignity.

This was particularly poignant as we had a visit from Treesponsibility last week as we are planting a tree with them for every wallpaper we sell. We were just talking about how important integrity and conduct of the highest order is when growing a conscious brand of tomorrow.

One more, six words, before I bid farewell for today

Six words, our brand

‘For sale; beautiful wallpaper, must have!

Our on-line store launches on July the 4thand our big launch is at LONDON DESIGN FAIR on the 23rdof September 2019. Join the countdown to our launch on Instagram

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