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THE NEW wallpaper brand to watch: beautiful timeless historical wallpaper with a contemporary twist

OMG!! At Print Pattern Archive we are getting sooo excited. I mean ridiculously excited! In a matter of a couple of weeks we are beginning the launch of OUR BRAND NEW WALLPAPER AND FABRIC RANGES (squeals!).

This move is particularly exciting for our Director Cheryl who is the owner of thousands of EXQUISITE ANTIQUE wallpaper books and swatches in her personal archive.

‘For years, I have been languishing over these books and analysing just exactly what it is that makes a beautiful timeless design, so many gorgeous colour-ways and such beautiful hand-painted motifs. It's been my dream for these pieces to be given a contemporary twist and to be released out into the interiors market for everyone to enjoy. It is such a shame for the amazing designs I see daily to be hidden away. Before the days of digital design, every print was crafted by an industry artist who painted everything by hand into a beautiful work of art also technically in perfect repeat. I have many original artworks painted in gouache paint, you can see the brush marks from the paintbrush and pencil notes on the side. When I first trained as a designer we were still working in this 'way, I sometimes still do! With our new ranges we want to keep the historical 'analogue' marks of the rollers that create texture, even though they are digitised for print

It is not just Cheryl who has recognised that the 50,0000 antique swatches of wallpaper and fabric are a treasure trove of timeless design. The prints and often hand-drawn motifs have attracted the eye of top fashion brands such as the Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood fashion houses and most leading high-street brands.

In fact, if you have an item of clothing and recognise the print as particularly beautiful it may well have been inspired by a beautiful print from Cheryl’s collection that originated in New York's Fashion District!. Cheryl constantly spots her archive’s prints everywhere from M&S, John Lewis, Monsoon and even on the royals! The print you are wearing now may well be a fascinating little piece of history that has been on quite a journey. Great design has a life of its own and we just love the story of each individual print.

So….a new chapter in our own story begins in a matter of weeks when we launch our first wallpaper collection……THE MID-CENTURY RANGE. In this range, some particularly exquisite designs have already made their way out of antique wallpaper books into a carefully curated selection, been digitised and given a contemporary twist by Cheryl’s talented eye and hand. And….these exclusive, simply exquisite wallpapers could be adorning your walls in a matter of weeks!

These wallpapers are by no means static. We believe in wallpaper as art, wallpaper as a statement and of course wallpaper as a beautiful historical story, a conversation, a talking point, every design has a narrative and history of it's own.

Our vision is to provide you with beautiful products and to empower you to become the creators of the beautiful homes of tomorrow . We want you to find your own individuality and be your own interior artisan finding print that you love forever, not just throwaway trends. We also care about tomorrow, and the future and we are a conscious, ethical brand and we care, we really care about quality, providence and the environment.

But most of all put a note in your diary, join our newsletter, join our journey on Instagram or Facebook and be one of the first to browse our online shop and follow our launch!!

Our on-line store launches on July the 4th and our big launch is in the Old Trumans Brewery, Shoreditch at LONDON DESIGN FAIR on the 23rd of September 2019.

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