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We are passionate about unlocking the full potential of your brand and taking you to the next level with our team of design and manufacturing experts.  

Print Pattern Studio is a full-service print studio with a team of creative, industry-experienced designers who can quickly curate, re-colour and design original and fashion-forward prints that are bespoke to your brand. Our studio is a creative celebration of individual artists work and we encourage designers to creative, quality prints they are truly passionate about.


Elevate your designs with our expertise in shape. We understand the symbiotic relationship of print and shape, our years of industry experience will help you bring out the best of both worlds.

From conceptualization to execution, we work closely with you to understand your design goals and translate them into commercial but trend-leading shapes. We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each element harmoniously aligns with the overall vision, resulting in a masterpiece that truly stands out and aligns with the latest trends.


From unique silhouettes to intricate details, we bring your visions to life, ensuring every aspect of your creation is a testament to your brand's excellence.

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Unlock the extraordinary with our print artwork commissions inspired by vintage designs.


Experience the perfect fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary innovation as our skilled team brings a fresh twist to classic aesthetics. With full layered repeat patterns, we offer you complete creative license to elevate your ideas and align them with your brand's unique handwriting.


Starting from historical documents that have already stood the test of time, we work with you to create standout pieces that capture the essence of the past while propelling your vision into the future.


Commission your custom artwork today and embark on a design journey that blends heritage with originality, making a lasting impression.

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Explore our immersive inspiration station, where you can indulge in a delightful browsing experience while discovering a treasure trove of prints online.


We have transformed the shopping process into a source of inspiration, offering you a captivating array of trends, colors, and shapes to fuel your creative vision.


Sit back, relax, and let us take care of the hard work. Get ready to be inspired, have fun, and embark on a design journey like no other.


Experience the pinnacle of design excellence with our exquisite embellishments, ranging from intricate cutwork to meticulous embroidery. Drawing inspiration from our unparalleled archive, we elevate design to new heights, crafting contemporary design classics that exude timeless beauty.

Each piece is handcrafted by our team of skilled artisans, ensuring the utmost precision and attention to detail. Our commitment to quality shines through as we collaborate with the finest craftworkers, bringing our vision to life with unmatched artistry. 

To ensure a seamless transition to manufacturing, all hangers are accompanied by comprehensive manufacturer specifications. This attention to detail guarantees that every step of the production process aligns perfectly with the envisioned design, resulting in flawless execution.

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 Stay ahead of the curve with our trend direction and industry insight services. We closely monitor market trends, providing you with valuable insights and foresight to drive your design decisions and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Discover the perfect union of trend services and timeless design with our exceptional offerings. We understand the significance of staying current in the ever-evolving design landscape while also appreciating the enduring allure of timeless aesthetics.


Don't let the dynamic nature of the industry catch you off guard. Partner with us to harness the power of trend direction and industry insight, and drive your design decisions with confidence. Stay ahead of the competition and unlock new levels of success in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of design.

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