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The Archive

The Print Pattern Archive is a beautiful and exceptional private collection of over 50,000 antique fabric swatches and wallpaper books spanning from the mid 18th century to the 1980s.
Visitors and clients are mesmerised by the quality and quantity of hand woven, heritage, conversational, florals, geometrics, mid-century, bark cloths, scenic, heraldic,  jacquards, damasks, foliage, novelty, ornate, chinoisery, juvenile and baroque print from all over the world, that we house. From Japanese silks to the most beautiful of British florals, a treasure trove of historical and antique design inspiration.

Our Story



The archive was originally collected by Marlene Goldstein which was then housed in the Garment District of Manhattan for over 30 years. At this time, the antique swatches provided inspiration to New York top brands such as Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen and Calvin Klein. In 1997, talented young designer Cheryl was fortunate enough to gain employment with Marlene at the archive. She worked setting up the New York design studio until she had to return back to England.


'It was like a dream come true to be able to explore this beautiful and unique historical archive and set up this exciting new design studio. As a young designer I was so excited and inspired. I was like a child in a sweet shop!'  Cheryl  


Twenty years later, in an unexpected turn, Marlene contacted Cheryl and asked her if she would like to take over and house the Print Pattern Archive in England. Much to Cheryl's surprise, Marlene gifted Cheryl the Print Pattern archive as a thank you for all of her work and drive back in 1998, which was a challenging time for Marlene. Marlene knew that only Cheryl loved and understood the Print Pattern Archive as she had and wanted Cheryl to have the archive and breathe new life into it.  


''I was delighted by this gift of an opportunity and to be back with the archive and

it's magical prints that I loved so much'  Cheryl 

Since coming to the UK the Print Pattern Archive has quickly risen to become an exclusive and unique design resource once again. A pot of historical gold that documents the history of beautiful print and inspires unique contemporary design.

'The Print Pattern Archive has a life of its own, each print has a story of its own, each piece is a tapestry of  history. I am fascinated by who carefully designed and often hand painted a design. I have wallpaper books with notes from the French catwalk in the 1800s I am inspired by what inspired the designers at that time in history.  I am intrigued and curious as to what makes a design beautiful and what make it timeless. There are elements of design that touch, inspire and please the eye irrespective of time. This inspires my work and drives my creative flair '  Cheryl

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About Cheryl

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Cheryl's unrivalled eye for design, style and her unique, exquisite private collection has been sought after by Alexander McQueen, Vivenne Westwood as well as a list of global fashion and home brands. 


She is passionate about all things print and although a designer by trade she has become recognised as a talented master of aesthetics. She brings a unique artistic flair to her work to reimagine and bring new life to the exquisite antique print in her collection.  She is constantly and consistently innovating and sees each new collaboration as an exciting new opportunity.

I have always considered myself a designer but I love that Oscar Wilde described the artist as ‘a creator of beautiful things’.  Everyday, I create beauty and each collaboration is an exciting new opportunity to create beautiful things.  Cheryl 

Cheryl has been a designing and creating beauty for 25 years, she started her career by winning national design competitions as a student, on graduation she worked as an illustrator for Royal Worcester Porcelain, she's worked in New York, Europe and a successful entrepreneur working across many areas of design, products and business.