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Updated: Oct 10, 2023


By Cheryl O’Meara - Print Pattern Archive & Studio

Cheryl & Kerri

Just for you! An exclusive round up of show highlights and trends from LDF 2023.

Exhibiting at The London Design Fair 2023 recently provided us with the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the latest international emerging trends and ideas. For me, this fair embodies experimentation and playfulness in a manner that larger, more corporate shows cannot afford. The diversity of makers and creators here represents the zenith of innovation. It radiates fresh, vibrant creative energy, with interiors visionaries who set trends, driven by curiosity and creative fervour.

As the owner of an extensive archive of antique textiles and wallpapers, I have the exclusive joy of truly understanding trends. Our archive meticulously chronicles centuries of trends, with each era narrating a visual tale of social context and ideals, illustrating how these factors manifested in fashion and interior aspirations of the time.

Antique textile book

This panoramic view of the past equips me with the ability to contextualise the present and glimpse into the future. It allows me to discern the myriad influences shaping the interiors we inhabit and the clothes we wear, as well as the reasons behind these choices. While on the surface, it may appear that the latest colours and influences sweep in and out like passing weather fronts, delving deeper reveals more gradual, seismic trends underpinning these fluctuations, pointing towards a broader perspective.

The show allowed us to absorb this newfound creativity and engage in conversations with both trade professionals and the public, eagerly receiving their feedback. From private jet interiors to Disney film sets, we encountered a diverse array of clients on the fringes of creativity, all converging from across the globe to attend the show.


From the fast-paced world of Insta interiors to the realm of Gen AI, we're craving drama at home. Think quirky oversized sculptural pieces and bold maximalism. AI introduces a new realm of possibilities, discarding the rulebook. The democratisation of design through social media instills confidence and know-how, making attention-grabbing interiors accessible to all. It's a vivacious, playful, and personality-packed interior journey where anything is possible!

Magical realism with AI inspired wallpapers bringing meta magic into the wild and imaginative interiors by Interior curve.

Exotic statement lighting from Cold Harbour


Narratives and provenance are breathing depth and soul into interiors. This craft revival trend continues to emphasise our more considered human connection to objects in our homes, transcending mass-produced surface trends. It's about feeling the sense of place, process, and heritage in key pieces within our living spaces. These are future classics, destined to be passed down through generations.

Our AI concept of a future craft classic. We love working backwards from AI, you imagine and we can manifest it!

There were many makers with oodles of narrative. As part of their process, Shape Furniture choose felled trees in the Lake District to craft individual pieces. To have a little bit of the Lake District gracing my home would feel like a soulful connection to a place I love.

Shape Furniture left Knot Design Centre Goldfinch Brooks (Gareth Brooks right)

We fell in love with the handmade aesthetic of Barcelona based Golden Editions who work with weavers in Bolgatanga. Scrumptiously sculptural and each lamp taking three days to weave.


’Biophilia - an innate love for the natural world.‘

A selection of archive and studio prints Print Pattern Archive & Studio.

We brought this concept trend to the show as inspo for our custom fabric & wallpaper service as we’ve been feeling it for a while. To compliment this we saw Biophilic design reverberating throughout the exhibitor space. The new aspect is the intersection of quiet technology and nature transforming surfaces and expanding possibilities.

Organically sculpted dark cork paneling, as exemplified by Sofalca below, filled the entire hall with the invigorating aroma of the forest.

We were also big fans of the wild organic creations of Charlotte King North below.

We love the process of upcycling mussel beards to create fireproof acoustic products by Seastex below.


Moody with a pop is our signature style, we’re also fan girls of Lick paint In collaboration with 2LG Studio. They stole the show with their big hug of dopamine colour and fun welcoming visitors and inviting them into sculptural colour scapes.

Like our good selves, Lick have collaborated with iconic Soho House this year. We’re big fans of their colour aesthetics and sustainable values.

Juicy colour incoming!…

Print Pattern Studio ‘trad with a twist’ fabrics.


Lick x Soho House Collection

Innovators and creators unite in a riot of raw talent, we’ll definitely be back next year!

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