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© 2019 by Print Pattern Archive Ltd  I  Registered Company Number 10680717  


Cheryls' eye in handwriting and creating personalised collections.  Distill 50,000 into a unique collection tailored to print requirements and making the process very efficient.

I put together collections full of inspiring colour-ways, exquisite hand painted motifs, interesting layouts and something unique and different from digital.

Everything we have is commercial yet unique and each print stands apart

'Clients are always wowed by the commercial beauty of a document that can be 150 years old and how we take this basic beauty and wow factor and up-levle it again when we digitise it.  This is The Alchemy Print'

stand-out, incoporating the brand's handwriting and even their logos 

quote from Louise Grebby...



You can view our collection in person by appointment.  Or book a consultation and Cheryl can curate you a personalised collection based on your design brief or mood-board.


We have everything from delicate ditsys to show-stopping florals.   Thousands of commercial prints in every style geos, tiles, paisleys, conversationally, graphic, silk florals and unusual abstract. Our expansive collection is highly sought after and with our print design services these can be tailored to exactly your requirement


Our retro and juvenile florals, conversational and quirky novelty prints are incredibly popular with our children's wear brand.  The vintage and antique inspiration bring a charming element to children's design which is classical and timeless but with our print services we can transform this into something fun and ideally positioned within your brand handwriting.


Our extensive collection of wallpapers and antique wallpaper books provide great inspiration to home brands.  These are catalogued by era and motif style.  Covering traditional botanical, foliage children's, mid-century, tiles, geos, abstract, chinoiserie.  Our fabrics include woven, ethnics, printed florals, scenic, juvenile, novelty and mid-century and everything in between,  The Alchemical process at our print studio can take unique inspiration from the antique print and create something that fits beautifully within your brand handwriting.  We take the print and your ideas to the next level.  Book an appointment.  Let us curate you a personalised collection based on your mood board.



We have everything from traditional shirting to small scale geos up to fab florals and foliage to Hawaiian or beach.  An unrivalled collection of foulades stripes, checks, abstract, dobby prints and conversational.  We can create a collection tailored to your handwriting and and provide an exclusive curated collection which we can bring to your office. [create a collection]. Link to print services with a sentence

The Industry's best kept secret

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