Preparation & Process

How much wallpaper do I need?

The standard size of wallpaper is 52.5cm across by 10m long. We recommend allowing an additional 15% to ensure patterns are matched and allow for trimming excess. We advise that you use a professional decorator who can calculate the required number of rolls. If you do choose to calculate your requirements yourself Wallpaper calculators can be found online.

How can I manually calculate the number of rolls I need?

Step 1.

Measure the width of the room and divide by 52.5cm (standard wallpaper width) This will give you the number of drops. Measure the height of the room, excluding skirting boards, but adding about 15cm to allow for trimming.

Step 2.

Multiply the height by the number of drops TO get the total number of metres. Standard wallpaper comes in rolls of 10m x 52.5cm. Check your rolls and adjust your maths if you're using a wider roll.


To prevent wastage, you should also try to subtract the area of the windows and doors.

How much wallpaper paste is required? 

We advise 2.5kg of paste for 3 rolls of wallpaper and 5kg for projects up to 6 rolls.

What preparation do I need to do? 
Hands should be kept clean throughout the process. Loose paints, old paper, or anomalies need to be removed as walls need to be even, clean, dry and seamless. 

We advise that walls are crossed lined using a good quality lining paper. Allowing the lining to fully dry out before wallpapering commences.  Paste must be evenly applied and slightly wider than the width of paper. Decorating brushes can smooth down the wallpaper, working from the middle to the edges. 

Remember to paste the wall and not the wallpaper!